On Saturday our main objective was to get Katie’s school uniforms.  The PTA runs the uniform shop at Red Bay Primary and they are open on Saturday from 10:00-12:00 in the morning.  I was amazed that someone was actually there and getting Katie’s uniforms was a breeze.  She has three sets, all the same, in order to cut down on the laundry that will need to be done.  Katie seemed really excited to get the uniforms but reality set in when she tried them on for the first time.  They are heavy and have the pattern of a classic Betty Crocker cook book.  She will get used to it because she doesn’t have a choice.  We also picked up a pair of black shoes for Katie and above the ankle socks.  All of which are mandatory.  On Monday she has P.E. and her house, the iguanas, can all dress in their P.E. uniforms.  On Friday the kids do not have to wear their uniforms, but the catch is they have to pay $2 in order to wear their street clothes.  No nail polish or ear rings are allowed at school for the kids. 
I rented a car Saturday morning in order for us to go and get Katie’s uniforms and to have some more independence.  Katie kept laughing at me whenever I mistakenly hit the lever for the windshield wipers when trying to turn the blinker on.  She also thought it was hilarious whenever I walked to the car and went to the wrong side of the car.  Driving on the other side of the road takes a little getting used to, but it isn’t too bad.  Hopefully I will be a competent driver by the time Jennifer arrives and she will be in awe of my driving skills. 
We stopped at a big supermarket and grabbed some lunch to eat outside.  Several wild chickens came up to us while we were eating and Katie kept tormenting the chickens by telling them that the fried chicken she had was there deceased family member and that they would be next.  Chickens, lizards, and iguanas are everywhere on the island. 
I looked at another car this afternoon.  The guy told me that the rims on the car were cool, but I wasn’t buying it (literally).  I told him rims weren’t my style.  I have the rental car until Wednesday so hopefully I can find a car by then.
Sunday was Katie’s birthday.  We went and saw Mr. Peabody and Sherman in 3d.  The movie was really good and had lots of neat history in it.  The popcorn was bad, which is a good thing because we won’t be tempted to eat it the next time we go back.  Maybe I will have to go back to the gummy bears that I used to sneak in as a kid.  In the morning we visited the very nice ham radio station of Andrew, ZF1EJ.  He gave me the keys to the shack and told me 24 hours a day, it was open for my use.  The station is less than 5 minutes away from where our condo will be.  Very exciting to have access to a station like this and I hope to get on this week.  One of my schools is only a few hundred feet away, so maybe I will take my lunch break at his station.  Katie and I are going to a club meeting tomorrow evening where I will meet several other local ham radio operators.

 I think we will stay at a small bed and breakfast, much cheaper than a hotel, on Monday and Tuesday night and then take up one of my coworkers offer to stay at their place while they are off the island.  We finished the day by going to a public beach where I got on the radio and made a few contacts.  Being near salt water is very good for radio signals and other than the giant block party of Jamaicans and the really loud rap music, the experience was fun.  Katie got to go to the water and I got to get on the radio.  
Birthday Lunch on the Water

Katie’s School Uniform


Lunch Time Visitors

Sunset view at ZF2DX/P