Call: ZF2DX
Operator(s): ZF2DX
Station: ZF2DX

Class: SO Mixed LP
Operating Time (hrs): 25

Band QSOs Mults
CW: 1983 135
SSB: 1586 136
Total: 3569 271 Total Score = 3,009,184

Club: Cayman Amateur Radio Society


What a fun contest.

I operated portable from the Northside of the island with the radio station setup inside my van. This location was different from the location I used in CQWW SSB. During CQWW SSB I sacrificed gain (particularly toward U.S. and JA) for security, which was a good trade off. Decided to operate totally portable from a great location with nothing

ZF2DX Super Station

ZF2DX Super Station

but the ocean between me and the States, Europe, and JA. I used the same 3 element design by K5GO that was used for the FT5ZM gang, only I turned the antenna vertical to take advantage of the low angle enhancement being right over salt water.  Both a vertically and horizontally polarized Yagi have around 13 dbi of gain.  However the horizontal Yagi (see picture below) has its peak gain around 24 degrees when mounted 20 feet high.  The vertical Yagi has its peak gain at 0 degrees!  The vertical antenna sure did work. I Felt loud and never had trouble finding and holding a frequency.

My operating QTH was a public place so many people would pull off the road and take a look at the antenna. I only stopped operating twice to entertain guests. Once when a group of cyclists came over to the van. They were interested in ham radio and I gave them a quick run down of what I was doing. One of them asked where my paddle was and I sheepishly explained to him that the computer sent the CW for me. This was the first CW contest for me to not hook up a paddle. Instead I used the keyboard to send when needed, YUK! Hated not being able to send a quick dit dit by hand to friends or correct a call but space was limited in the back seat. Operating a CW contest without a paddle is like a Jedi Knight without his lightsaber. The other visitor I had was when a police officer came by. He was really friendly and didn’t have a problem at all with my setup.

Great activity from the U.S. but activity from the rest of the world seemed sparse. Was really cool to work all states on both modes. Texas was crazy loud near sunset on SSB. I spent a good deal of time turning the knob looking for mults. Never found ZF1A so was really excited when ZF1DJ called me just at the end of the contest and gave me number 2. He was a new mult and put me over the 3 million mark. It’s amazing what a small antenna can do when over salt water. Was able to tear the station down and be on the road 15 minutes after the contest was finished.

Thanks for all of the contacts. QSL via K0DEQ and the log will be uploaded to LOTW.



Kevin, ZF2DX

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  • February 3, 2015 at 3:15 pm

    Great job, KEVIN!


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